The Esoteric Meaning of Yom Ki Purim, the Day of Atonement

Yom Ki Purim is the one and only day when the High Priest of Jerusalem’s temple may enter the Holy of Holies and chant the Sacred Name Yehovah.
This symbolizes the final step of the great work, the completion of the adytum inside. Once completed, the adytum becomes the cornerstone of the Temple, our body-mind vehicle. Like an elixir, it will project through our body and transform it into the so-called spiritual body, the body Jesus presented to the world after his resurrection, a body he could dissolve and reassemble at will.

Jerusalem means City of Peace. In an esoteric context, city symbolizes our body-mind vehicle. Sodom and Gomorrah are an Old Testament allegory of a degenerate body and mind. So is the allegory of the two prostituted Oholah and Oholibah.
A regenerated or enlightened body-mind vehicle is Jerusalem, a personality pacified by the Prince of Peace.

The Temple symbolizes our mind. As the Temple is inside Jerusalem, the mind is inside the body. As Jesus drove out the money changes from the Temple, we need to put an end to our business mindset. No more eye for an eye. No more What is in it for me?
We shall do everything unconditionally.

The Holy of Holies is at the center of our mind. It is a locked up space inside which dwells Shekinah, the Divine Presence. That’s what Jesus meant when he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within. You gotta find that sacred space inside you.

The Hebrew word for tabernacle, mishkan, is derived from the same root as Shekinah. The tabernacle (a tent) is the predecessor of the Temple. The tabernacle is mobile, the Temple is a permanent abode for Shekinah.

Three zones:
Jerusalem <-> Temple <-> Holy of Holies
Jerusalem <-> Mt. Zion <-> Mt. Moriah
Tabernacle <-> Sanctuary <-> Holy of Holies
Temple <-> Sanctuary (Cuboid) <-> Holy of Holies (Cube)

Yom Ki Purim is the tenth day of the seventh month. Ten and seven constitute the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has ten Sephirah and seven layers. As such Ki Purim symbolizes wholeness and the complete ascend on the Tree of Life.

Yom Ki Purim is the culmination of the ten Days of Awe. Awe or fear is said to be the beginning of wisdom. On the Tree of Life, wisdom, Chokmah is the Sephirah of Yehovah, the Sacred Name (Ha Shem) the High Priest chants in the Holy of Holies. Hence, Yom Ki Purim symbolizes an atonement with Chokmah, Yehovah, and wisdom.

In Hebrew, the phrase Days of Awe is YMYM NVRAYM and adds up to 407. 407 is also the value of ThBH, ark. This is the ark of the covenant, which bears Shekhinah, the divine presence, like a candle bears a flame.
AVTh (first and last) counts 407 as well. First and last is a reference to the One Thing. The One Thing is the substance of our mind that ascends (to wisdom) and descends again and receives the powers of the inferiors and superiors (Emerald Tablet of Hermes).
Before its ascension the One Thing is the Philosopher’s stone. When it returns it the Stone of the Wise (Chokmah). Atonement enables that ascension. AVTh also means ‘mark’ or ‘sign, the mark of the completion of the Great Work that is.

In Hebrew, stone is ABN, ehben. It can be extrapolated to AB and BN, meaning Father (Chokmah) and Son (Tiphareth). It is a symbol of union with Yehovah. Its shares its value of 53 with GN, garden – more about this later.

Yom Ki Purim spells YVM H’KPRYM. The singular is YVM H’KPR. YVM H’KPR belongs to the Gematria of 361, which offers interesting references to the Holy of Holies. The first is HR TzYVN, Mt. Zion. Mt. Zion and its peak Mt. Moriah mirror the Sanctuary and Holy of Holies of the tabernacle.
Since the Temple is build on Zion, Zion is the Temple’s foundation. On the Tree of Life foundation is Yesod. The Zohar identifies Zion as the feminine aspect of Yesod, “This is the feminine part, the womb of the bride (Malkuth, the body).” It is a womb, because its function enable our body to be re-born as a spiritual body.
The Greek Gematria of 361 includes amnos (lamb – a title of Jesus Christ) and sarx, flesh – that is our body.
Noteworthy, 361 is the square of 19, the number of Eve, the Mother of All Life.

Zion, TzYVN, counts 156, as does ADM OLAY, meaning the highest human, another reference to the spiritual body. The phrase ABN AChD VLA ABN, ‘one stone and no stone’, has the value 156 as well. This denotes the Philosopher’s Stone, the One Thing, that ascends and descends.
The Gematria of 156 also includes the terms
– ODN KBVD, ‘Eden of Glory’. This is a title of the Eternal and Triumphant Intelligence, a title of the fifth Tarot card, The Hierophant.
– OYN YHVH, ‘The Eye of Jehovah’. This is the third eye or ‘single eye’ as Jesus called it. It is the all-seeing eye of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, as well as the Eye of Shiva, the Transformer, and the Eye of Horus. “If thine eye be single, your whole body shall fill with light.”
– AHL MVOR, ‘The tabernacle of the congregation’. Mind Ex 33.7: Who find the hidden stone [One Thing] enters the Holy of Holies. There, he becomes aware of his affiliation, or communion, with the ‘Congregation of Those Who Know’.
– NOVL, ‘enclosed, shut up’. The Holy of Holies is shut up till the last stage of the great work. In the Song of Solomon, NOVL is combined with the word GN garden and GAL – ‘enclosed garden’ and ‘enclosed well’. Mind the etymology of paradise: ‘a stone bound enclosure’. The Stone of the Wise is the key to the Holies of Holies. Jacob once found a well closed with a stone, a well to feed lambs, just before Jacob met Rachel.

The plural Yom Ki Purim counts 411 and links the Day of Atonement with ARRY, mountaineer. A mountaineer is an aspirant who ascends the mountain of enlightenment. That’s the One Thing again. AThY counts 411 too. It means ‘with Yah’. Yah is an abbreviation of Yehovah.
Last but not least, 411 is the value of Elishah, (ALYSh), the successor of Elijah. Elishah means literally God Saves and hints at the redeeming Stone of the Wise.
In Elijah’s story the Holy of Holies is on Mt. Carmel (HR H’KRML). On its peak, Elijah caused fire (Spirit/Yehovah) to rain from heaven to demonstrate Jehovah’s unsurpassable power.
Elijah is spelled ALYH, a name that combines two God-names: AL, the God-name of Chesed, God’s Beneficence, which is also known as the Mercy Seat and Yah, Yehovah, Chokmah. On the Tree of Life these are the two upper Sephiroth on the right column, connected via the Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence, illustrated by the fifth Tarot card, The Hierophant.

The Hierophant, the Revealer of the Mysteries, and the High Priest are the same thing. He enters the Holy of Holies with the blood of the lamb and the bull and sprinkles those on the Ark’s lid (the Mercy Seat) and chants the Ineffable Name.
The bull represents Taurus, the zodiac of the fifth Tarot card, the Hierophant/High Priest.
The blood of the lamb has deep practical esoteric significances. It is Christ’s esoteric blood (vitality or life-force), the means of redemption/evolution.
In Hebrew blood of the lamb counts 264, a Gematria that associates the following terms:
– YRDN, ‘Jordan’, a symbol of the human blood stream
– SRD, ‘fear’ (fear is the beginning of wisdom)
– SDR, ‘to put in order’ (mazlo, the cosmic order governed by Chokmah)
– Damcar, the place where brother C.R. received his occult initiation (a Rosicrucian mystery)

In Hebrew, wine is DM-ONB, blood of the grape. This leads to the esoteric meaning of Biblical references to wine and vineyards. Mind that the first thing Noah did after the deluge was getting drunk in a vineyard.

When a lamb grows up, it becomes a ram – Aries. Aries governs the brain and in particular vision. The brain is also the location of the Holy of Holies in our body-mind vehicle. Remember Zion? It is said that the great work turns Zion into the Eye of Jehovah, the third eye.
This leads us to the mystery of the lamb on the cross. The moment Jesus died, he exclaimed, “It is accomplished!” And the veil of the Holy of Holies ripped apart. This was the veil of the Holy of Holies inside Jesus. Jesus entered his Holy of Holies and faced Shekinah, Yehovah’s presence.

In Hebrew, the veil of the Holy of Holies is PRKTh and counts 700. This Gematria includes the following terms:
– MSThR, ‘a secret place containing a hidden treasure ‘
– KPRTh, ‘the Mercy Seat’ (see above). This is the golden cover of the ark of the covenant where Moses put the stones of testimony
– MSRTh , ‘a bond or yoke’. Yoke is the Hebrew letter associated with the fifth Tarot card, The Hierophant.
– STh, ‘Seth’, the third son of Adam. Seth means ‘compensation’ and is formed by the last two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In Tarot these symbolizing the two highest stages of evolution, Realization and Cosmic Consciousness.
– ShShNYM, ‘lilies’. Lilies are symbols of knowledge.

The completion of the Holy of Holies inside us is the goal of the great work. When we unlock it and remove the veil, Shekinah can shine and spread, like an elixir, through our body-mind vehicle and sanctify it.

What is this mysterious spiritual body?
Shekinah’s cabalistic title Bride of Shabbath explains the mystery. The Bride is a title of Malkuth, the tenth Sephiroth, our physical body. Out body is the bride of Tiphareth, Christ. Mind that Shekinah is a female word.
Shabbath (literally seven) is also related to Malkuth, since Malkuth is on the seventh layer of the Tree of Life. Elohim made Malkuth on the seventh cosmic day and ceased from all activities.

The mystical wedding is described in Rev 21:2 “And I, John, saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, descending from God, out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Mind the New Jerusalem has the form of a cube.

The Greek for wedding garment is endyma (value: 500). It is a garment of light. The spiritual body is made of light. If your eye be single, your body will be made of light [the One Thing].

1 Samuel 10:5–6 describes the transformation of our body-mind vehicle as follows: “You shall come to the hill of God [Zion] … and there you will meet a party of prophets coming down from the high place … and they will prophesy. And Yehovah’s Spirit [Shekinah] will come down on you mightily, and you will prophesy with them. And you will be turned into another man.”

Our body is a really just a robe we put on and take off. Upon illumination, the completion of the Holy of Holies, it becomes the Robe of the Lord, endyma kyrion. Endyma kyrion has the value of 1,500, as does phos, the Greek for light.
1,500 is three times 500 or three times endyma. That’s why it is said that Jesus Christ wore three robes (of light) – the city, the temple, and the Holy of Holies. Although distinct, the three robes are one, like a trinity. When the New Jerusalem descends on our body-mind vehicle, the city and temple become one (Revelation 21.2).

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