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Is Archangel Michael Christ’s Avatar?

Revelation 10.1 (continued): And I saw another powerful angel coming down from heaven, clothed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head. His face shone like the sun and his feet were like pillars of fire. He held a little, open book in his hand. He placed his right foot on water and his left foot on earth. He intoned with a loud voice, like a roaring lion, and seven thunders rose their voices. When I was about to write down what the seven thunders revealed to me, the voice from heaven said: “Do not write down the things of which the seven thunders spoke, they are secret!”

Putting Tarot card 14 side by side with Revelation 10 provides a perfect opportunity to pierce through the Revelation’s weird and sometimes spooky appearance. Like the inaccessible walls of Jericho, the Revelation has defied common sense interpretations for two millennia. Noteworthy, John’s writings have a different feel compared to the other three authors of the New Testament: they have a hunch of spirituality. This is one reason for the rumors that John received Jesus’ secret teachings rooted in Moses’ oral tradition.

Let’s have a peek behind the veil, shall we?

The angel shown in the featured Tarot card is Archangel Michael. He is associated with the element fire – that’s why he has red wings. He rules the South and the sun (which in turn governs Leo). The sun-like appearance of Archangel Michael’s face is indicated by the orange solar disk on his forehead. Archangel Michael is an avatar of Christ and mankind since Michael means ‘God-like’ – remember that mankind (Adam) was created in God’s likeness?

the qualitizer

Archangel Michael assists us during life trials and helps us to get a grip on karma and adversity – one of the main themes in the Revelation. In the featured image he juggles fire and water (the eagle represents the watery Scorpio and the lion the fiery Leo). This reminds of the Alchemical dictum that balance is the secret of the great work and spiritual success, the latter symbolized by the crown hovering above the two violet mountain peaks. On a side note: fire and water are not fire-fire or water-water, but rather two of five (invisible) elements that constitute visible light and physical matter. Accordingly, the water on which Archangel Michael rests his right foot signifies the astral light or energetic substance.

The seven-pointed star on his breast signifies spiritual skills. There is no exact mathematical formula for constructing a seven pointed star, therefore, it can only be drawn by trial and error – we are back to experience and skills, required to manage karma. In this respect, the seven-pointed star represents the seven churches, seven angels, seven thunders, seven seals, seven plagues (karma), and the seven heads of the beast (adversity) mentioned in the Revelation.

The rainbow – mind that it has seven colors – arching above Michael’s head is a reference to Sagittarius, the zodiac associated with Tarot card 14. The Hebrew name for Sagittarius is Qesheth (QShTh), meaning bow. Qesheth is mentioned in Genesis 49.24 and used by Jacob to describe his ‘most beloved’ son, Joseph: His [Joseph’s] bow dwells in strength and his arms’ hands were strengthened by the hands of the powerful Jacob. Thus is derived the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel. The ‘Shepherd’ and ‘Stone of Israel’ are well-known titles of Jesus Christ – the stone refused by the common builders that will become the corner stone of the temple. The stone is, of course, the Stone of the Wise, in Hebrew eben (ABN), signifying spiritual success, in particular, the union of God Father and God Son. Hence, Jacob could be said to be Jesus’ antetype in the context of creation (Jesus deals with evolution). Be reminded of the fact that Jacob received the name ‘Israel’ after he wrestled with a man-like angel – Archangel Michael again.

Mind the phrase Joseph’s bow dwells in strength. Strength is a title of Geburah as well as the title of Tarot card 8, associated with the zodiac sign Leo, ruled by the sun – rings a bell? Geburah (literally severity) is the name of the 5th Sephirah, the sphere of karmic law. Naturally, we react with fear to karma, but over time, we acquire the strength to overcome it. Fear is only the beginning of wisdom, not it’s perfection. We all know this too well: we don’t learn from success, but rather from failures. Our failures also give us the strength to pull the bow a bit stronger and aim higher.

The great work has twelve phases and three milestones. Each phase requires the full elaboration of one of the twelve zodiacs (Jacob’s twelve sons), which rule our bodies and minds. This indicates that Sagittarius is the key to achieving the second milestone of the great work: the vision of Christ, also known as Christ’s Second Coming. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a Sagittarius to meet Christ face to face, but it helps.  Sagittarius natives are very idealistic, aspiring people and apt in passing the trials of life.

On a side note: Jesus was said to be a descendant of David. David unified Israel’s nation – the twelve tribes or twelve sons of Jacob/Israel. David means “Beloved” – reminding us of the most-beloved Joseph and Jesus’ advocation of unconditional love as the only effective solution to adversity.

By the letter S at the right bottom corner of Tarot card 14, the term wrath is associated with Archangel Michael. God’s wrath is but a scary veil of God’s benevolence as Geburah veils Chesed’s mercy. In Hebrew, wrath is spelled RVGZ and belongs to the Gematria of 216, which also embraces the terms sight (RAYH), lion (ARYH) – be reminded that Michael’s voice sounded like that of a roaring lion and that the sun rules Leo. Not surprisingly, Geburah (GBVRH) belongs to the 216 Gematria as well. For those who want to dig deeper, 216 is also the value of:

  • Choreb (ChVRB), another name for Mt Sinai where Moses received the commandments or laws
  • Debir (DBYR), meaning sanctuary, oracle, adytum
  • An Aramaic phrase meaning ‘Middle Gate’ – that’s Archangel Michael’s balancing act
  • The Latin faciens pacem et creans malum (Isaiah 45:7): I make peace and create evil (God is behind good and evil)
  • The Latin lapis philosphorum: Philosopher’s Stone

It was the law of the world or law of karma to which Jesus referred when he said: “I didn’t come to break the law, but rather to fulfill it.” And he fulfilled the law with love – the higher currency with which we pay karmic debt. And the key to love is appreciation – the opposite of complaining about negative karma. That leaves me with quoting the most appreciative affirmation ever: I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in all circumstances of my life. This is the 5th affirmation taken from The Truth About the Self.

What do you think of the Revelation now? We just mentioned a few symbolic cross-references and hell broke lose in your mind, didn’t it? …Sorry, heaven broke loose. The Revelation is by no means what it seems. Who interprets it with common sense, e.g. assuming that it describes the doomsday of Planet Earth and the eternal damnation of some of our beloved, eternal brothers and sisters, is at risk to suffer the fate of which John so clearly warns: As long as you add to this book, God will plague you as described. And as long as you deduct from this book, God will deny you the Tree of Life and the Holy City.

Many Biblical matters are not what they appear to be. On a second look, the Bible is mysterious, almost surreal. Intrigued? Stay tuned, we’ll disclose more oddities soon.

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